ESC Back/Office/Field Support Services — Certified MBE/EDGE/ DBE/SBA

Launched to help the Engineering and Architect community eliminate some of their current pain points, an ESC partnership adds value to your organization by:

  • Reducing RFI’s
  • Reducing Addendums
  • Reducing Change Orders
  • Eliminating Bid Date Delays
  • Improving Internal Productivity
  • Increased Profits

    We partner with you during the design stage to prevent complications and to ensure compliance with State and local codes and standards. Plus, we provide up-to-date fire alarm designs with all the major fire alarm system providers.

    We pride ourselves in affording you with the very best back office and on-site field support to ensure your jobs are bid and completed on time.

    Our local industry experience allows us to0 work with a majority of the installation contractors and system providers to eliminate installation confusion and delays.

    Contact Us
    Electronic Systems Consultants
    1450 Universal Road
    Columbus, Ohio 43207
    Phone: 614-754-1393

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